RBM pursue excellence through a hi-tech infrastructure comprising a modern cold forging setup, with a capacity of 8,000 tons per annum.

The company’s in-house Spherodise Annealing and Wire- Drawing facility has contemporary capabilities for making defect free CHQ steel wire of maximum diameter upto 38 mm and having capacity of 30,000 MT/Annum. An automatic time, temperature & atmosphere control for the annealing process ensures maximum machinability, ductility and homogeneous structure thereby leading to enhanced surface finish in the final product.

The 24,200 Sq. Yards (20,234 Sq. Meter) facility is equipped with advanced cold forge setup including Six- Station Part Formers, Chain of Multi Station Bolt Formers and Nut Formers, One Die Two Blow Headers & Trimmers with compete range from M3 to M20. Thread Rolling section at RBM comprise 30 numbers of flat and Circular Die Machines.

For Heat Treatment, it has automatic continuous mesh belt hardening and tempering furnace with controlled atmosphere along with Rotary Furnace.

RBM has an in-house surface treatment division with hydrogen de-embrittlement ovens, along with facilities for black oxidizing and phosphating.

The advanced CNC setup at RBM is equipped with:

  • State-of-the-art CNC Turing & Milling centers to manufacture specialized parts
  • Advance PLCcontrolled SPMs
  • Turning Automats & Drilling Machines
  • Vibro Finishing machines for de-burring & precision finish asper industry norms