RBM works with a crew of highly experienced and professional CAD operators and technical personnel. These professionals work with a progressive approach and are continuously engaged in advanced product planning and tool designing. Technology today keeps on changing and at a very fast pace, our workforce undertakes rigorous R & D activities to ensure that we attain most innovative design every time and stay at par with the changing industrial requirements

Tool Room

RBM understand the intricately inter-connected relationship between tooling and product development. RBM has established an ultramodern tool room well equipped with tooling solutions for almost all applications. This advanced machinery has been instrumental in manufacturing excellent quality products with impeccable aspects.

For enhanced tool accuracy and functional performance, every tool in tool room is methodically tested and for this the company has separate tool inspection department for examining the tools. All the tools are inspected carefully first in the tool room and at the tool inspection department on second instance before these are transferred into production department.

Re-Engineering Activities

The company also focuses on advance re-engineering techniques like

  • Improvement in machine utilization with minimum movement
  • Improvement in productivity by grouping products
  • Cell formation thereby reducing setup time by tool standardization
  • Improvement in inventory control practices.